Foursquare For Business: 10 Simple Steps to More Local Leads


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“Facebook for business, Twitter for business and Google+ for business…and now Foursquare for Business?!” If you’re like the average small business owner, you’re probably getting a bit tired of hearing about and trying to decipher the latest social media site (can you say “not Pinterested!”). If you’ve been a reader of our content for any amount of time, you know that a big part of your Geek-Free marketing game plan is to pick a few simple social media tools that have been tested and proven to work and focus on them. For most businesses, using Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to connect and share content with can be an effective social media strategy.

However, Fouresquare has been generating enough buzz and traffic that, spending an hour or so getting setup will be sure to pay off. The “location-based” site now has over 20 million users and 1 million small businesses on board. I recommend you take Social Media Examiner‘s advice and follow these 10 steps to getting started (below)

Foursquare For Business in 10 Simple Steps

  1. Claim Your Business’s Location
  2. Use and Promote Local Updates
  3. Offer Foursquare Specials
  4. Add Engaging Tips About Your Company and Others
  5. Create a Foursquare Page
  6. Use Lists on Your Page
  7. Add Foursquare Plugins to Your Website
  8. Enhance Your Events
  9. Create Badges
  10. Use Signs at Your Locations
This great article from Social Media Examiner walks you through these 10 simple steps to leveraging the local marketing power of Foursquare:

As the leading location-based social network, Foursquare offers a plethora of opportunities for businesses both big and small.

There are many alternatives to using Foursquare, but when it comes tolocation-focused social apps, Foursquare is the king of location withits 20 million users and robust features for users and businesses alike.

There are 20 million people using Foursquare to connect with places. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect your online and offline experiences. People use Foursquare to check into locations they’ve visited by using the app on their mobile phones. Once they’ve checked into a location, it can be shared with their Foursquare friends, Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

This is where businesses on Foursquare benefit from being on the platform because users’ friends see where they’re checking in to eat, shop, work and more, which could possibly influence them to do the same based on the recommendations of their trusted connections.

There are nearly 1,000,000 businesses on Foursquare currently, and it’s your turn to leverage this network to build your customer base with new prospects and reward your most loyal customers all at once. READ THE ARTICLE HERE


Video: Foursquare For Business

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  1. says

    The video is great, some really useful information. Although I have a brick and mortar business, utilizing Four Square is not such an easy option for the business since it is a house and not a retail space. This is one part of using Four Square that provides limited value to the company. Unfortunately it would appear the businesses gaining the most success from utilizing Four Square would be the businesses with real retail space available and not smaller companies just getting started or business that only provide limited access.

    Although customers can and do come to my place of business, it just seems to be less likely that Four Square can do much for the business if anything at all. Higher end retailers are for sure to make better use of Four Square vs. smaller companies. Of course I could be wrong about this all, but experience is telling me this is true.

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